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Pylote conceives and develops innovative mineral microspheres to sell solutions which can be integrated into numerous consumer products without any change to the existing manufacturing process.

By using green chemistry for PYCLEAR™ solutions, Pylote facilitates its clients’ ability to propose end-consumers with more eco-friendly products, that are cleaner, safer and respond favorably to the ever increasing myriad of regulatory, environmental and health pressures.

Latest news
20th April 2017

In the Media - Pylote in Emballages Magazine - Pylote s'attaque au Japon

L'entreprise toulousaine va promouvoir son innovation antibactérienne lors du CPhI. Du 19 au 21 avril, se tient le salon de l’industrie pharmaceutique, CPhI, au Japon. L’occasion pour Pylote, spécialisé dans le domaine de la chimie minérale et céramique, de promouvoir son innovation.

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20th April 2017

Trade Show - Loïc Marchin presenting Pyclear Protection at CPhI WW in Japan

Conference at CPhI WW Japan today on the beneficial effects of its breakthrough proprietary innovation PYCLEAR PROTECTION providing antimicrobial protection in many pharmaceutical and cosmetics specialties.

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13th April 2017

In the Media - Pylote in Premium Beauty News - Pylote présente son système antibactérien au Japon

Pylote, société française spécialiste des particules aux performances innovantes, présentera sa technologie de pointe pour la préservation des produits cosmétiques et pharmaceutiques au CPhI Japan qui se tient à Tokyo du 19 au 21 avril 2017

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12th April 2017

In the Media - Pylote in Packaging Europe - Pylote Develops its Commercial Presence in Japan

Pylote, the new player in the green mineral chemical sector, participates at CPhI Japan in Tokyo on April 2017 to promote its breakthrough proprietary innovations providing antimicrobial protection in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

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