Press release

PYLOTE's natural antimicrobial protection technology passes successfully efficiency tests for surfaces protection against coronaviruses: nearly 99.99% destruction of coronavirus strain 229e

PYLOTE, a specialist in mineral and ceramic industrial chemistry, announced today that it has obtained, from the FONDEREPHAR laboratory (COFRAC certification), the validation of the destruction efficiency of coronavirus by its natural antimicrobial surface protection technology. 

The tests were carried out in the laboratory according to the requirements of the JIS Z 2801 standard adapted for human coronavirus strain 229E. Surfaces activated by PYLOTE technology were compared to control surfaces of the same nature but without the technology. The results showed a logarithmic reduction in the viral load on the surfaces of 3.9 log after 24 hours, corresponding to a disappearance of almost 99.99% of the infectious virions..

PR PYLOTE VA-Efficiency-Coronavirus-11052020.pdf

CDP PYLOTE VF-Efficacite-Coronavirus-11052020.pdf